Neurokinetic Therapy

Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) is a treatment approach that combines manual therapy and muscle testing with repatterning movement in the motor control centres of the brain.

Do you ever find that you hold tension in a muscle or area of the body and no matter how often you stretch it, roll it out or massage it, the relief is always temporary and the area tightens up again within a few hours or days? Neurokinetic Therapy recognizes that the body has a reason for everything that it is doing – even the dysfunctional things. When we massage, stretch or loosen up an area, we are trying to tell the body (and the brain) to relax that muscle. But the body may be using that very same muscle to compensate for another area that is sore, injured, or just unable to be successfully recruited in motor patterns. In Neurokinetic Therapy, we get to the bottom of what dysfunctional patterns are causing pain or tightness, and then we help the brain to repattern with more optimal and efficient movement programs.

If you’ve lived with a long-standing injury, have an area of your body that is constantly tight or sore, or you think that some of your muscles might not be “firing” as well as they should, then give Neurokinetic Therapy a try.

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